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Soilworks®, LLC is the innovator and manufacturer of Durasoil® dust control agent. Durasoil® is a revolutionary state-of-the-art innovation; engineered for today's challenging dust control needs. This ultra-pure, synthetic organic fluid is formulated to meet the highest standards of environmental efficacy.

Durasoil® is distinctively crystal clear, odorless and is applied neat and simple, without the need for water dilution. This technologically advanced fluid does not cure, allowing for immediate use upon its application. Furthermore, Durasoil® has the unique ability to be reworked and still maintain its dust controlling properties. Any equipment capable of spraying water can safely be used to apply Durasoil®, without any mess or damage to the equipment. Even in freezing and wet conditions, Durasoil® can still be applied regardless of weather conditions or season. Durasoil® can be applied to any soil or aggregate and effectively suppress dust all year round. From intense-use military tank trails to gravel driveways, Durasoil® is actively solving dust control challenges throughout the world's industrial, military and commercial markets.

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Durasoil Product Classifications:
- Dust control material for controlling dust.
- Dust control agent for controlling fugitive dust.
- Dust control product for eliminating dust particles.
- Dust control fluid for controlling pm10 emissions.
- Dust suppressant for suppressing dust.
- Dust retardant for retarding dust.
- Dust Inhibitor for inhibiting dust.
- Dust abatement product for abating dust.
- Dust palliative for controlling dusty sites.
- Dust stabilizer for stabilizing dust.